Depending on your interests, knowledge, curiosity, you can apply for any course listed. The applicants are chosen according to their grades, awards, motivation letter, but also our wish to have a gender balanced participants from as many cities as possible. The chosen applicants will be asked to confirm their presence.

Interested in the fields of biology, genetics, biomedicine, pharmacy or veterinary science? Then let's clone some DNA!

This course is pefrect for those students who are interested in understanding microcontrolers and thier applications.

“Web Development with AngularJS”: everything you’ve always wanted to know about Web Apps with AngularJS.

Learn what lay behind computer simulations and how one can simulate almost everything, from supernova explosion to room heating.

Learn to fly a drone, and understand how it works and how it is built!!!

Virtual 3D models are going to be created using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software such as Solid Works or Inventor.

In this course, you get to work with optical fibers, lasers, network diagnostics, and learn about components of a fiber optic network.

Learn how to write a simple web crawler for a specific site  - it can be your favorite online forum, that you frequently visit.

Explore and seek to understand popular games such as guess-the-number, playing with matches, tic-tac-toe, Sudoku, etc. 

Participants will be working in small groups to develop their skills in digital design, folding techniques and advanced fabrication technologies.