We are proud to announce, that the first ever IUS STEM CAMP 2018 was successfully completed this past summer. Considering that this was its inception year, we have all the reasons to be happy with the turn out and the general attitude of our participants. They all came from 4 different countries, spent 7 unforgettable days doing cool science and could take home plenty of new experiences. Apart from learning a lot about genetics, computer science, math and 3D printing, there was time to visit the old town of Sarajevo, enjoy a ride on a newly built cable-car all the way to Trebevic, learn basics of archery, even visit National museum and listen to lecture by Dr. Gorcin Dizdar on Bosnian medieval tombstones - Stecak. All the activities and endeavors we undertook, served as great catalysts for making friendships to last a lifetime, hence it was no surprise that, to some of us, saying goodbye fell a bit harder than we might have expected. But, you don’t have to take our word for it! Visit our photo gallery and see some highlights from the IUS STEM CAMP 2018. Highly motivated by the success of the first ever held, we already move on and start preparations for the IUS STEM CAMP 2019. This time around, we promise to dig up even more interesting problems for you and of course lead you through engineering answers or solutions for them. As scientists and doctors, we recommend this all to be done while having fun, doing cool science, making new friends and discovering Sarajevo. We hope you will join us and take a chance to work with some of the best scientists in Bosnia and Herzegovina on interesting hands-on projects that might change your life forever. So, this is the time to stop reading this and to go to Courses page and choose a course for yourself from those offered at IUS STEM CAMP 2019. After you decide which course will pave the path for your future career, please register and apply online! We are looking forward to welcoming you again summer 2019 at IUS Campus situated in the green oasis of Ilidza, picturesque outskirts of the capital Sarajevo!