No, you do not have to be a geek wearing thick glasses, contact lenses are fine as well. Ideally, you are a good high-school student of final or semi-final year of study, friendly, curious, interested in technology and always asking what, where, why, how and who… The IUS STEM CAMP is tailored for all of you who want to find out how to clone genes, develop a new application, program and assemble electronic circuits or design a dream house. You may be a bit younger or already at university to apply, your enthusiasm is what matters most.

What is “IUS STEM CAMP”?

IUS STEM CAMP is a one-week summer school where participants will follow a course on science/technology/engineering/math (STEM) of their choice, and do a project to get hands-on experience and applicative knowledge of the matter. The courses will be held in English. IUS professors with international experience will present research and scientific concepts to future innovators, scientists and engineers, and our kind assistants will help in the laboratory work.