“IUS STEM CAMP” promotes science and technology among young enthusiasts, students of high schools, and motivates them to choose a career in one of the directions. The school endeavors to provide future students interested in different fields of studies such as computer science, electrical engineering and genetic engineering, basic knowledge and information about available resources, to primarily recognize their own ambitions, and then facilitate the fulfillment of their goals in terms of education and career.

“IUS STEM CAMP” helps students in their transition from high school to university level, providing them attractive professional environment where they can meet and socialize with possible future colleagues of similar academic ambitions and interests.

We expect approximately 150 participants from all over the world to gather at our campus. The working days will include morning lectures and afternoon laboratory work. After working hours, the participants will have the possibility to use sports facilities, take a walk to the spring of Bosna river, visit Sarajevo… A socializing program including cultural and sports events will be organized.